• Wild Parrots Up Close With Steve Brookes

    Wildlife Parrot Tours in Aide of Parrot Conservation Have you ever considered going on a wildlife parrot tour where you can spend your days visiting...

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  • Bird Conservation Trending with Avian Community

    What do the Imperial Woodpecker, “Rio”, and 517 Amazon Chicks in Brazil have in common? Aside from having feathers, the stories of the Imperial Woodpecker,...

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  • 500 Baby Amazon Parrots Seized

    Environmental Conservation Organization’s Plea for Help In September, more than 500 baby parrots were discovered in the back of a truck during a police operation...

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  • HARI Sends Donation to Birds rescued from Illegal Traders

    In a world of ongoing natural destruction and illegal traders, the plight of endangered parrot species survival faces more challenges. Fortunately, there is the World...

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  • Parrot Life

    Companionship, Health, Behavior, Aviculture, & Conservation Have you ever noticed the sub title of Parrot Life Magazine? While the official magazine of HARI remains popular with the...

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