• 500 Baby Amazon Parrots Seized

    Environmental Conservation Organization’s Plea for Help In September, more than 500 baby parrots were discovered in the back of a truck during a police operation...

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  • 25 Years in Aviculture Research

    25 Years….WOW! HARI Celebrates 25 Years as an Advanced Psittacine Aviculture Research Facility Under the directorship of Mark D. Hagen (MAg), HARI continues as a...

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  • The Value of Bird Club Fellowship

    Is the Internet Replacing Monthly Companion Bird Clubs? As the Internet becomes even more popular with endless threads of information, the avian community often reaches...

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  • HARI Visits Florida for Parrot Life Seminar

    Hagen’s Parrot Life One-Day Seminar Provides Aviculturists with Tips, Techniques and Information, Plus A New Toy Line Introduction. This year’s event was designed to appeal...

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