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  • Une spécialiste de produits pour oiseaux de Hagen UK visite l’institut HARI

    Bonjour, mon nom est Iona Mucherek-Parramore, et je travaille chez Hagen UK depuis 18 mois comme spécialiste de produits pour oiseaux. J’ai toujours été fascinée...

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  • Perfect Gift Giving …for the Parrot Owner

    Need a gift for the your fellow parrot lover? All parrots need some kind of occupational therapy device and nutritious bird food! Foraging toys complimented...

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  • A Note about The HARI Flock

    The HARI Flock- at all life stages, to include baby parrots, adolescents, breeding birds, and our geriatric adults, serve as the subjects of our ongoing...

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  • Top 10 Resolutions For Your Parrot!

    Happy New Year From Tasha! Let’s start the New Year off with some resolutions for your companion birds! Here’s to their health, well-being, and to your...

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  • Bird Conservation Trending with Avian Community

    What do the Imperial Woodpecker, “Rio”, and 517 Amazon Chicks in Brazil have in common? Aside from having feathers, the stories of the Imperial Woodpecker,...

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  • La famille Hagen

    Rolf C. Hagen était un pilier de l’industrie canadienne des animaux de compagnie; beaucoup se souviendront de sa générosité et de sa compassion. Montréal, Canada,...

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