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Assisted Hatching: Techniques & Essentials

A photo journey from the egg until fledgling

Two out of four green wing macaw eggs pipped too early in the nest and were retrieved for assisted hatching.

What follows is a fascinating struggle to the first breath of life, assisted by delicate human intervention.

Eggs piped

 Candling of the eggs revealed the extent of the malpositioning.

candling 2 Candling 1

Careful intervention opening the egg, with small tweezers.

intervention 2 intervention 1

Frequent hydration of the membrane and
placement of chick in the aqua brooder
contributed to a successful hatch.

hydration membrane hydration membrane 2 Remnant egg yolk membrane was tied
with dental floss and then cut to
aid the detachment process.

egg yolk membrane egg yolk membrane 2

A diluted iodine solution was applied to umbilicus.

Iodine appliedIodine applied 2

Assisted hatched chicks developing
normally at 10 days of age.

assisted hatched chicks 10 days

Chick at 5 weeks of age with growing feathers.

5 week old chick

Chicks were placed together with
parent raised clutch mates at the fledgling age.

chicks placed with clutch mates

By: Josee Bermingham AHT
Photo credits: Robert Rondou

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