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Early Parrot Education Stage 5 – Fledgling Independence

Weaning independence has been reached as the fledged chick no longer receives assisted feedings to maintain daily healthy weight. He now enjoys occupational activities such as foraging, preening, play & exercise. Along with the favorable traits of acquiring more independence comes the inevitable challenges of the newly acquired self assurance. He may challenge the flock, mentor’s as well as the caretaker’s hierarchy and boundaries. At this stage it is imperative that the caretaker’s nurturing mentorship remain firm yet gentle.

Chick Physical Characteristics Stage 5 Early parrot education

Chick`s Educational Focus

  • Still eating 100% extruded weaning formula. Weight should ideally be taken every 2-3 days – depending on follow up and experience. Occasional offering of Hand Feeding Formula for nurturing purposes only
  • A glimpse of life outside the fledgling environment and flock
  • Visual Environmental Enrichment
  • Training one on one away from the flock or cage mates
  • Desensitization is facilitated by the continued one on one guidance and assurance from the mentor (caretaker)
  • Basic commands such as step up and step down continue to be reinforced
  • Traveling experience since the fledgling usually leaves at this stage for new companion life; therefore, more time is spent in the carrier. Advanced foraging device can be introduced to the carrier. If taken for a ride in the car, this is the best time to learn new words, especially if the radio is playing while spending a few minutes in the avian carrier
  • If possible, the flock mentor/caregiver can introduce the fledgling to the new caregiver

To learn more about Stage 5 of the Early Parrot Education program and the techniques to use, we encourage you to review the slide presentation below.

Early Parrot Education & Weaning Program

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