The Parrot Society UK Summer Show 2017

The Summer Show, hosted by the Parrot Society UK, takes place at Stafford Agricultural Show Ground on Sunday July 2nd, 2017.

The Summer show is an ideal opportunity to purchase all the things you need for the rest of the breeding season and sell those early bred birds. Not to mention the ideal place to catch up with friends and fellow interested breeders to discuss and swap tales of our beloved birds and find out how everyone else’s season is progressing.

Many traders attend the show, allowing you to purchase all your chosen dietary needs for your birds, whether they are large parrots or small finches. Not to mention the ample supply of aviary supplies, rolls of mesh, breeding cages, perch brackets or feeding dishes, it is all there.
There are also many display aviaries where you can go and see many species of Parrot, and in some cases, even walk into the aviary and see these beautiful birds up close and talk to their owners to learn all about them.

The summer show is an ideal place for the beginner to bird keeping to come and ask questions of the breeders, who are always happy to help, or go directly to the Parrot Society Stand where you can ask one of the council members, and if they don’t know the answer, they are sure to be able to point you to someone who does.


Stafford Agricultural Show Ground
Sunday July 2nd, 2017
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