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Feeding & Nutrition

The surest way to healthy, long life for your bird is feeding it a nutritionally sound diet. Many companion birds die at a young age from diseases caused by malnutrition. The average life-span of a companion parakeet is 10 years. Their wild cousins have been known to live 25 years. The difference is in their diets.

Feeding a balanced diet based on sound bird nutrition recommendations is key and an important factor contributing to proper avian health. Balancing a parrot’s diet from the beginning may prevent many health and behavioral problems. It is something you will want to do since an unbalanced diet can be a main cause of disease and early death in pet birds. With the right food, this can be prevented.

  • Choosing Tropican High Performance or Lifetime

    Not all birds at HARI eat the same formulations of Tropican, we take into account the species and lifestage prior to deciding which is best... Read More
  • Optimal Nutritional Value In Every Tropican Morsel

    A parrot can only consume so much food in the course of his day. Because Tropican diets are high in caloric density, optimal nutrition is achieved with very little volume of food... Read More
  • Prime Vitamin As A Supplement

    Prime Vitamins & Mineral Supplement is a full-spectrum vitamin, mineral, amino acid supplement for birds. It is the only bird food supplement specifically formulated for seed, vegetable and fruit-based diets... Read More
  • When is Prime Multivitamin Needed?

    Dosage of Prime Vitamin & Mineral Supplement is based on the size of your bird and what percentage of extruded formulated diet, such as Tropican, your bird is consuming daily... Read More
  • Best Practices for Prime Application & Storage

    Get answers to your questions on storing Prime Multivitamin Supplement or what size container is best for to purchase or how much and where to apply the dose... Read More

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