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Converting to Tropican bird food

Tropican Bird Food Diet Conversion Techniques

How Can We Encourage Our Birds to Eat a Minimum of 70% TROPICAN?

The right cage choices, food dish placement, as well as optimal times to offer Tropican bird food can make a big difference in encouraging our parrots to eat a minimum of 70% Tropican. Often caretakers offer too much variety in their bird’s diet and that not only contributes to improper nutrition, these mistakes can also make diet conversion to Tropican very challenging.

Check out this video for suggestions!

What Else Can We Do to Increase the Consumption of TROPICAN?

Bird food doesn’t always have to be served in a dish! Our companion birds are very curious by nature-why not play into their natural foraging instincts with Tropican bird food diets! Check out the video on how to incorporate foraging toys, cat scratchers, and with optimal nutritional opportunities!

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