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Health Monitoring

One of the most important duties of being a responsible caretaker is ensuring that you are monitoring your parrot’s health regularly. Parrots by nature, tend to hide any sign of illness until it is too late. Regular at-home and avian veterinary examinations are important, even if you think your bird is in good health. Your vet will know what to look for and perform blood work as well as any other routine tests in order to ensure your bird is not ill and is not battling any type of infection. Along with annual check-ups, it is also important become familiar with behavioral and physical cues.

  • Bathing & Showering an Essential in Basic Bird Care

    Whether it's for pure enjoyment, to provide relief for dry skin, or to encourage grooming, baths (or showers) are an essential component of basic bird care... Read More
  • Problems with Egg Laying in Companion Birds

    If eggs are laid by a pet bird when no mate is nearby, their failure to hatch may stimulate the bird to lay more. Continuous egg laying can cause calcium and vitamin deficiencies... Read More
  • Heavy Metal Exposure in Birds

    A link between zinc exposure and feather mutilation disorders remains controversial in the avian community. But verifying serum zinc levels in birds may not be unreasonable... Read More
  • The Benefits of Filming Your Parrot

    Capturing your bird's personality on film can be extremely valuable for numerous reasons that might not be so obvious, yet can provide indispensable assistance... Read More
  • Why Perform a Necropsy on Your Parrot

    A necropsy is an important clinical diagnostic tool, very often this procedure will help determine the cause of death or the cause of a multifaceted disease... Read More
  • Avian Emergency Tools For Leg Band Removal

    In case of an emergency, such as a leg fracture, the removal of the leg band could be necessary. Here are a list of tools that should be part of any avian first aid arsenal... Read More

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