Mark Hagen Parrot Watching in Brazil 2019

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Brazil November 2019 – Pantanal and Bonito

Mark recently traveled with Steve Brookes of Wild Parrots Up Close on one of his Eco-Tours to Brazil. On every trip, Steve Brookes tries to visit at least one conservation project which can sometimes be a direct Parrot Project or a Habitat/Land Project, which ultimately protect all the Parrots within that project area. We recently posted Mark Hagen’s visit to the Arara Azul project and HARIs sponsorship of hyacinth macaw nest box #2088.

While traveling around on the rest of the Brazilian tour, Mark visited feeding, roosting and nesting sites and watched in excess of 150 bird species including 20 species of Parrots, including several Macaw species as they went about their daily routines. He also had the opportunity to tour areas home to Jaguars, Tapirs, Marsh Deer, Giant River Otters, Caimans, and other native species. Scroll to trip photos.

Mark thoroughly enjoyed the diverse scenery through jungles and rain-forests as well as wetlands and rivers. Local guides, drivers and boatmen provided transportation and experience to achieve the very best out of the trip.View tour itinerary.

Also travelling on this tour was British conservationist, author, and expert on parrots Rosemary Low. Mark took the opportunity to sit down with Rosemary to talk about the beauty of parrots, the parrot conservation work the Projeto Arara Azul are doing in Brazil, and Rosemary’s upcoming book.

Parrot Conservation Initiatives

We take pride in setting the standard for parrot care in captivity and supporting conservation projects in the wild. That’s why we work closely with top conservation programs to help protect parrot species and their natural habitats for for generations to come.