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HARI Parrot Chick

Chick Information File

HARI uses the chick information file to record details pertaining to each specific chick brought into the nursery for hand rearing as well as chicks monitored in the nest while being parent reared. This information is used for communication among different caretakers, attached to their health files it will follow the birds throughout their life, if archived it can be used for future reference.

Chick Information File
Chick Information File

The first section pertains to identification of the chick, parents, ID band date banded, size of band used, microchip, sexing, etc.

The 2nd section us used to record details on the incubation, hatch and rearing such as wheter these were natural, assisted or artificial. Other details are also recorded in this section, including any complications during the hatch as well as the time the first feeding was offered, which technique was used, hand feeding formula or lactated ringers, etc.

The 3rd section is meant to highlight any medical concerns or incidences the chick may have experienced, even if these conditions were resolved. Additional medical records would be attached to this file should the bird have received any medical attention or veterinarian examinations.

The departure information for each chick is also noted at the bottom of this form, such as the destination, adaption information, future breeding flock, weaning status, etc.

For chicks that are cared for in the nursery at any stage of development, this form is also used along with the weight growth monitoring charts (chicks or weaning)

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