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Kindergarten Training Misting Sessions at HARI

Avian Seminars Providing an Education? 

So You Share Your Life With A Parrot!

In previous posts the HARI Team has shared the fledgling education process of our Quaker Parakeets and other species raised at HARI. Hopefully, some of these primary lessons that are taught to our fledglings at HARI are inspiring to our followers that raise young companion birds. Is the education process limited to the young fledglings? Good question! With that said, let’s look at the education process of the avian caretakers. When does the education process of caring for our avian companion end? As advances are made with how companion birds are raised, it is imperative that the humans keep up with advances in avian education along the way. This ensures happy, healthy birds as well as happy caretakers!

Parrot Seminar HARIAvian Seminars

Each year, the HARI Team attends several avian seminars throughout the world and quite often, our Team members are featured speakers at national events in efforts to keep up with and share in the ongoing educational process. When it comes to avian education-whether it is on the bird’s end or the human’s, nothing is absolute. It’s ongoing.

Avian Seminars provide an opportunity to meet other avian enthusiasts and gather information. Local bird clubs and an increasing number of pet supply retailers regularly offer educational events to bring the education awareness to the avian community with closer proximity.While the avian community is a bit tighter with the many internet sites, newsgroups, and even blog sites such as this one, participation in some of these events tightens the avian community bond. It’s often more enlightening to get this information first hand with real people all sharing a mutual interest. And, let’s face it; workshops are not quite the same without hands on experience.With that said, we do encourage avian caretakers to attend some of the conventions or seminars available. Whether it’s one of the larger conventions or seminars listed below, or your local bird club or a specialty retailers, take the opportunity to attend and to support the group. Your Feathered Companion will be glad you did!


Grafton, NSW Australia


Bedford NS
Guelph, Ontario.


Miami, Florida
San Francisco, California
Melanie Allen

About Melanie Allen

Melanie got her start with Parrots in the 1980's with her first parrot, a purchased yellow-naped amazon - who suffered from chronic health issues that stemmed from poor nutrition and inadequate care. Melanie also served as president of Florida Federation of Aviculture, Inc., as a Board Member for National Parrot Rescue & Preservation Foundation, and on the American Federation of Aviculture Nomination Committee. Today, she works closely with aviculturists, retail stores, and companion pet owners, and attends all U.S. “Avi-Industry” conventions, including the American Federation of Aviculture, Avicultural Society of America, and Parrot Festival, on behalf of The Hagen Group.

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