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Desensitization Parrots to Nail Grooming

January 11, 2016 HARI TV, Early Parrot Education

This video segment is a brief overview in desensitizing parrots to having their nails groomed and what strategies are implemented at the HARI facility.

Desensitizing parrots to having the nails trimmed and groomed is part of the Early Parrot Education program. The advantage is that in the early stage, parrots will become accustomed to the feel and techniques used and will be comfortable for the rest of their life.

Topics include:

  • Desensitizing to nail grooming and tools
  • Degree and frequency of nail grooming
  • Techniques used for nail grooming using a rotary tool
  • Nail Grooming tools and accessories

Need more information on nail grooming read our article on Nail Grooming Using a Rotary Tool.

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