Desensitizing Parrots to a Clinical Physical Exam

January 5, 2016 HARI TV, Early Parrot Education

This video segment is a brief overview of how primary lessons for desensitizing parrots to a clinical physical exam are implemented at the HARI facility.

Whether chicks are parent reared or cared for in a nursery by a caretaker, desensitization to the clinical physical exam can be carefully implemented throughout the physical health assessment inspection of the chicks.

As the chicks mature through the fledgling age, further desensitization will ensure the birds are more accustomed to the handling techniques utilized to visually assess physical characteristics that are generally included in the complete physical exam that will be performed by an experienced avian veterinarian.

Topics include:

  • Towel Cradling Techniques for parrots
  • Health Monitoring Techniques in parrots
  • Stethoscope Desensitization for parrots

Need more information about towel cradling your parrot visit our blog post: Avian First Aid: Mastering the Art of Towel Restraint


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