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Flight Feather Grooming (a.k.a Wing Clipping)

This video presents various topics pertaining to flight feather management (feather grooming/wing clipping) considerations:

  • Using the proper terminology: flight feather grooming instead of wing clipping
  • Flight experience prior to flight feather grooming
  • Gradual grooming if situation permits
  • Potential consequences due to excessive flight feather grooming
  • Ethical Considerations for towel restraint to perform safe grooming techniques
  • Flight feather grooming techniques (demonstrations)
  • Post grooming considerations
  • Assessment of flight ability post grooming
  • Weight management opportunity while visiting your avian groomer
  • Caution when considering nail grooming at the same time
  • Flight feather grooming without restraint. Caution: exclusively for desensitized birds and the skilled handler
  • Conserve groomed feathers for health evaluation
  • Feather Damaging Behavior: Considerations,history and onset due to flight feather grooming
  • Grooming schedule: Monitoring molting patterns
  • Considerations for re-homed birds
  • Understanding behaviors related to parrots with managed flight
  • Professional avian groomer: experienced, skilled & hygienic
  • Adaption to reduced flight ability

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