Wildlife Preservation Canada

Habitat Protection Alone is Not Enough

Wildlife Preservation Canada’s mission is to save animal species at risk from extinction in Canada by providing direct, hands-on care.

They are the only organization in Canada to provide this critical need for multiple species in multiple recovery efforts across the country. They specialize in science-based techniques such as conservation breeding and release, reintroduction and translocation. Their Action Plan is based on the urgency of the need and is updated annually.

They always work in collaboration with appointed recovery teams and other organizations. Their partners include federal and provincial ministries and parks, habitat-oriented charities and land trusts, zoos, universities and colleges, and local grassroots volunteer groups.

Internationally-known conservation hero and Wildlife Preservation Canada honourary director Richard Fyfe has died. https://wildlifepreservation.ca/canadas-new-noah-program-founder-dies/