Habitat, environnement et style de vie des oiseaux

  • Produits naturels pour perroquets

    De nombreux propriétaires d’oiseaux veulent des produits naturels pour leurs perroquets, que ce soit pour la nourriture, les régals ou les jouets. Selon plusieurs, les amazones ou les aras ......

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  • Occupational Therapy Devices or Bird Toys?

    What?! Your companion bird needs his own device? Yep…and lot’s of them! No worries-there’s no data charges to contend with. But, all birds need something....

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  • Avian Seminars Providing an Education? 

    So You Share Your Life With A Parrot! In previous posts the HARI Team has shared the fledgling education process of our Quaker Parakeets and...

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  • Avian First Aid: Removing a Broken Blood Feather

    Broken Blood Feather – A Common Wound in Companion Birds Whether a companion bird is flighted or clipped, a new flight feather presents a risk...

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  • Avian First Aid: Blood Everywhere! Now What?

    An Avian First Aid Technique in Hydrotherapy and Clay Poultice for Wound Management If you’ve been caring for companion birds for any length of time,...

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  • First Aid: Pododermatitis What’s Normal?

    Grooming And Health Assessment: How often do we really look at our bird’s physical appearance? And what are we looking for? What if you are unsure...

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