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Why Does Your Bird Need PRIME?

June 12, 2017 Feeding and Nutrition, HARI TV

It’s the best way to ensure total nutrition for all caged & aviary birds.

  • Does your bird need prime? Are you feeding your bird a mixed diet of seeds, nuts, veggies and fruits? Do you feed only a limited amount of pellets?
  • PRIME is the only bird food supplement specifically formulated for seed, vegetable and fruit-based diets.
  • PRIME adds 14 essential vitamins and 9 minerals missing in commercially prepared seed mixtures for companion birds. As well it provides proper quantities of two limiting amino acids – Lysine and Methionine – which cannot be produced by birds, but are vital to growth and proper protein metabolism.
  • PRIME also has a unique combination of enzymes, acidifiers and micro-encapsulated, sporulated probiotics (beneficial bacteria)  for healthy gut flora.
  • PRIME does not have sugar!
  • PRIME contains Vitamin D and E for increased breeding and to aid in adequate calcium absorption.
  • The ultra-fine, powder penetrates soft foods for accurate dosage administration and does not cake over time.
  • PRIME has been used and recommended with confidence by serious breeders, zoos, conservation groups, and the avian veterinary community worldwide.
  • Prime was developed by the Hagen Avicultural Research Institute.

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