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Conservation / Education

Our unwavering determination to promote awareness for the preservation,conservation and education of wild and captive parrot species echoes throughout our site – because their future is our concern.

  • The Dominica Parrot Program

    The Dominica parrot program has become a template for real-time, ecosystem-level conservation efforts across the Lesser Antilles... Read More
  • Teaching Animal Care to Future Technologists

    HARI is recognized around the world for its clinical work on avian nutrition and care, but there’s something about this respected place of study that may surprise you ... Read More
  • Protecting Parrots and Elephants with the Ivory Nut

    Worldwide tropical rainforests are being destroyed. This is the primary threat to parrot species survival. Helping to protect elephants in Africa will directly help ... Read More
  • Scarlet Macaws Soar Again in Native Honduras

    Known as La Guara Roja , the Scarlet Macaw is the National Bird of Honduras. Often targeted by poachers, they are beginning to soar again in their native homeland ... Read More
  • The Macaw Mountain Project

    Building a park in the middle of a Central American jungle is no easy task. In the centre of it all is an area where visitors can interact with many species of parrots ... Read More

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