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Introducing Tropican Lifetime Formula Food for Parrots

Premium Parrot Food with Balanced Nutrient Levels

Tropican Lifetime Formula for Parrots provides proper daily nutrition for fledged juvenile to adult Parrots for the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.

HARI’s own Melanie Allen discusses several topics including:

  • Tropican Lifetime Formula multi sizes and shapes that satisfy a wide range of species
  • Where you should be offering Tropican Lifetime Formula food to your bird
  • What to look for in the guaranteed analysis of Tropican Lifetime Formula
  • Calorie content in overall diet for parrot species
  • Optimal levels of calcium in Tropican Lifetime Formula Parrot Food
  • Artificial preservatives, colors and flavors
  • Where the natural colours in Tropican Lifetime Formula are derived from
  • Multiple sources of protein offered in Tropican Lifetime Formula and how it generates impeccable feathers for different parrot species

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