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Lifestyle, Housing & Environment

  • First Aid: Pododermatitis What’s Normal?

    Grooming and Health Assessment: How often do we really look at our bird’s physical appearance? And what are we looking for? What if you are unsure...

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  • Avian First Aid: Mastering the Art of Towel Restraint

    Practice Makes Perfect When It Comes to Towel Restraint Mastering the art of safe and non invasive restraint techniques for your companion bird is essential...

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  • Avian First Aid: Contents of a HARI Approved Kit

    First Aid, Are You Ready? Avian caretakers should always be ready in the event of emergency. When is a good time to learn about first...

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  • Adapting a Bird to a Flight Harness

    Before the flight feathers are fully grown? How preposterous! Well, not really, if we’re talking about a HARI Fledgling! One of the most chronic ailments in...

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  • It’s All About a Quaker Parrot

    An Education Process to Quality Companionship! Who can resist the robust, “big parrot-trapped in a small body” personality of a Quaker? Also known as monk...

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  • Avian First Aid: Natural Remedies for Parrots

    Aloe Vera for Parrots Welcome to the Avian First Aid segment! We will be featuring some of HARI’s suggested components of an avian first aid...

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