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Your companion bird’s environment is a vital part of its wellbeing, and once you have selected the proper pet bird cage, the next step is choosing the right accessories. Cage accessories can add convenience and a lot of comfort to your bird’s home. It’s important to always keep your pet bird’s safety in mind when choosing bird cage accessories, and to always keep the cage and accessories clean and, on a regular basis, check to see if the accessories are worn and in need of replacement. When adding new items within your bird’s environment, it’s important to desensitize your bird to these new accessories.

    • Prevents spills and messes
    • Slide and lock design – will not twist, turn or tip
    • Virtually indestructible heavy-duty, non-porous plastic
    • Avoids bird droppings in food and water when placed in an elevated area of the cage
    • Use to cover play-stands and gyms, perches, PVC tubes, cage bars and other perching surfaces for a secure, comfortable grip
    • Birds love the cushiony soft fabric

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