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Multi-Purpose Self-Adherent Elastic Bandage Wrap

Comfy Wrap™

So versatile, HARI Comfy Wrap helps to keep your birds feet in good health and helps prevent pododermatitis (bumblefoot).

  • Use to cover play-stands and gyms, perches, PVC tubes, cage bars and other perching surfaces for a secure, comfortable grip
  • Birds love the cushiony soft fabric
  • Also use to stabilize fractures and for wound care.
  • Made of lightweight, flexible, easy to tear, nonwoven material

Help to Prevent Pododermatitis (Bumblefoot)

Recommended Species

Suitable for all birds and other pets.

Available Sizes

Item # Roll Dimensions Qty.
81651 5 cm (2″) x 4.5 m (5 yd) 4 rolls per pack
81652 7.5 cm (3″) x 4.5 m (5 yd) 4 rolls per pack

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