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Compact Cage Lamp and Lighting for Birds

Vision Compact Cage Lamp & Lighting

The new Vision range of cage lighting provides indoor birds with optimal lighting conditions for enhanced vision, environmental enrichment, and better-quality life. Stylish design, safety and ease of use makes the Vision Compact Cage Lamp an ideal add-on to your Vision cage.

Compact Cage Lamp


Adjustable Aluminum Light Fixture.
Lightweight lamp designed for use with Vision cages.
Safe non-toxic brushed satin finish.
Quick to install and fully adjustable.

  1. Polished inner fixture increases light and heat output – 4″/10cm diameter, 5.5″/14cm H
  2. Attachment couplings for simple assembly and convenient storage
  3. On/Off switch and 6 ft (180 cm) power cord for greater accessibility
  4. Height-adjustable wire safety arm with bend helps keep cord away from cage
  5. Easy Click-clip bracket fits Vision cages with 12.3mm (0.48″) and 20.5mm (0.81″) wire spacing

Lighting – the small dimension of these bulbs are perfect for use with the Vision Compact Cage Lamp.

Infrared Basking Light – Provides Soothing Heat

  • Increases the overall air temperature in your bird’s cage
  • Provides infrared heat, essential for activity and digestion
  • Low light – will not disrupt sleep cycle
  • Use after bathing or misting to encourage feather preening
  • Supplies extra heat for sick or weaker birds

Daytime Basking Light – Heats and Illuminates the Cage

  • Excellent daytime heat source
  • Increases the overall air temperature in your bird’s cage
  • Use after bathing or misting to encourage feather preening
  • Supplies extra heat for sick or weaker birds

Daylight LED

  • Energy effcient daylight LED
  • Heightens a bird’s perception of its indoor environment to be more like nature
  • Feathers appear vibrant and colourful

Available Sizes

Item# Description Wattage Download
83800 Compact Cage Lamp Max. 40W Operating Instructions
83830 Infrared Basking Light 25W
83835 Daylight LED 5W
83840 Daytime Basking Light 25W

Simulate Day & Night

Simulate natural day & night light cycles with the full range of Vision bulbs and the use of a timer. To prevent health/behavior issues from insufficient sleep, a minimum of 10-12 hours of dark uninterrupted sleep is required.

For use with caged birds only!

Caution: Always double-check to ensure that any cables and cords are not within reach of your pet birds. Be sure to always provide your birds with a shady area and time away from source of heat and light. Always monitor your bird for signs of overexposure or overheating.

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