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Bird Perches and Climbing Ropes

Bird perches and climbing ropes are not only fun accessories, but also an essential tool for all companion birds.

Selecting the Right Size and Type of Perch is Crucial

Beyond standing, your bird will use a perch as an accessory for playing games, as a grooming aid (beak rubbing and removing food), and to sleep comfortably at night. Variety in perch diameter is crucial to your bird’s overall health. Improper perch size, perches all of the same size (causing insufficient foot exercise), sandpaper perches, perches that are otherwise too rough or dirty, or simple inactivity can cause a serious foot condition in birds called pododermatitis (otherwise known as bumblefoot).

For parrots that spend a lot of time outside of their cage…

When used outside of the cage, perches and bird stands, as well as bird swings and canopy nets, allow your parrot to be involved in the day-to-day of family life while providing him a place of safety and security.

Bird climbing ropes (canopy nets) are a useful tool and climbing up and down the ropes will provide additional exercise and entertainment. By attaching toys and swings to the canopy nets, birds can spend hours hanging upside down, chewing and playing. Canopy nets for birds are a terrific way for encouraging foraging too, simply hide treats or extruded food pellets in the toys and your parrots will feel like they are out in the tree tops like their wild brothers.

Not all parrot climbing nets are made the same. You will want to look for a canopy rope that is sturdy (that will not unravel, fray, or tangle around your bird’s feet or toes), one that is natural (such as Abaca with no oils or tars) and one that is versatile (can be used in an outdoor or home environment and hung vertically or horizontally and can be made larger by fastening two or more together).

Providing your companion bird with a variety of perches (in and out of the cage) will help ensure his comfort and fitness.

  • Climbing Nets

    Canopy climbing nets for birds are versatile because they can be hung vertically or suspended horizontally, and they can be moved around as often as you like. Your bird can go in and out of the spaces, climb, forage, and play all the while exercising their mind and body.

  • Coffee Wood Perches

    Coffeewood Branches

    100% Natural Coffee Wood Perch. Because they are all natural, the branches have irregular shape that promotes healthy foot care and is an ideal strategy to help prevent bumblefoot (pododermatis).

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