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Bird Perches

Selecting the Right Size and Type of Perch is Crucial

Bird perches are not only fun accessories, but also an essential tool for all companion birds. Beyond standing, your bird will use a perch as an accessory for playing games, as a grooming aid (beak rubbing and removing food), and to sleep comfortably at night. Variety in perch diameter is crucial to your bird’s overall health. Improper perch size, perches all of the same size (causing insufficient foot exercise), sandpaper perches, perches that are otherwise too rough or dirty, or simple inactivity can cause a serious foot condition in birds called pododermatitis (otherwise known as bumblefoot).

For parrots that spend a lot of time outside of their cage…

When used outside of the cage, perches, shower perches, window perches, bird stands, as well as bird swings and canopy nets, allow your parrot to be involved in the day-to-day of family life while providing him a place of safety and security.

  • As a natural wood surface that offers a variance in diameter and textures, Coffee Wood Perches enable pet birds to pick what’s comfortable and bring a touch of nature’s beauty to their environment.

    • 100% reclaimed Coffea canephora wood
    • Ultra-durable, long-lasting hardwood
    • Secure, non-slip resting & perching area
  • The way you place the perches inside your bird’s cage or enclosure is important. Corner perches are a great way to make use of some of that corner space in your bird’s cage.

    • 100% natural rattan hardwood
    • Comfortable and warm textured finish
    • Takes up less space in the cage
  • ACTIVE.PLAY Shower & Window Perch

    ACTIVE.PLAY Fold-Away Shower & Window perch for birds are made of sturdy and durable uPVC and were designed to be fun and functional. These perches encourage companion parrots to move, vocalize, balance, manipulate their feet, be social – and have lots of fun too!

  • ACTIVE.PLAY 4-Way Perch Swing & Toy

    The HARI ACTIVE.PLAY 4-Way Perch Swing & Toy promotes exercise, agility and balance and will help keep companion birds in top condition. Made of sturdy and durable uPVC,  it was designed to be fun and functional.

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