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4-Way Perch Swing & Toy

HARI ACTIVE.PLAY 4-Way Perch Swing & Toy

Promotes exercise, agility and balance and will help keep companion birds in top condition.

  • Permanent non-slip grooming surfaces keeps birds safe and nails trimmed
  • Colorful pinewood, corn husk, and leather foraging toy for enrichment
  • With extra toy hook for added fun
  • Includes q-link: d-shape 4cm (1.6″)


ACTIVE.PLAY is a new line of sturdy and durable uPVC shower & window perches and perch toys that were designed to be fun and functional. These perches encourage companion parrots to move, vocalize, balance, manipulate their feet, be social – and have lots of fun too!

Parrots spend most of their lives standing on their feet. Perch variety is crucial to a companion bird’s overall health. Perches that move, like swings, help to keep leg, feet, and toe joints strong and flexible; and can help to encourage wing flapping behaviour, which supports cardiovascular health. Beyond standing, birds will use a perch as an accessory, for playing games, and as a grooming aid.

Available Sizes

Item# Description Dimensions For Parrot Size
81064 4-Way Perch Swing & Toy 14.5″ L x 13.5″ H (36.8 cm x 34.3 cm) | ø 1.25″ (3.2 cm) M

Questions about PVC and birds

The PVC material in the toys are made from uPVC and are considered safe & non-toxic for our birds. The difference between uPVC and PVC is that uPVC (or Rigid PVC) does not contain any phthalates or BPA.

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