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Preening Toys for Birds


Preening is an important part of a parrot’s daily routine. Preening toys are exceptionally important to birds that are housed alone and can help deter feather damaging behaviours. Extruded granules/sticks can be embedded within some preening toys to offer a combination of preening with foraging activity. This may appeal to a parrot that has less experience with preening; helping to encourage essential grooming.

Natural Materials

Many of the materials used in the toys are natural materials such as bamboo, sisal, cocona, coconut, seagrass, loofah, willow, pinewood, and sea shells. The colours used in the toys are made from non-toxic vegetable dyes. HARI SMART.PLAY foraging toys come with either an appropriately sized pear-shaped or d-shaped quick link.

For the Health and Well Being of Your Bird

Preening toys can relieve boredom, promote mental and physical stimulation, and help prevent feather plucking.

  • Toys available in a range of size suitable for all hookbills
  • Encourages preening and foraging
  • Relieves boredom and helps prevent feather plucking
  • Provides mental and physical stimulation
  • Helps relieve anxiety by providing entertainment

Available Sizes

Item# Description Dimensions For Parrot Size
81000 Preening Block 36cm (14″) H S/M
81001 Super Shredding Ball 27cm (10.6″) H | Ø 10 cm (4″) M
81003 Leather Kabob 13cm (5.1″) H | 10cm (4″) W S/M
81012 Octopus 45cm (17.7″) H | Ø 13.5 cm (5″) M/L
81013 Loofah Man 27cm (10.6″) H | Ø 13.5 cm (5″) M
81018 Piñata Garland 21.5cm (8.5″) H S
81024 Wicker Wood Fun 20cm (7.9″) H S
81025 Corn Silk Cascade (S) 22cm (8.7″) H | Ø 12 cm (4.7″) M
81026 Corn Silk Cascade (L) 43cm (17″) H | Ø 16 cm (6.3″) M/L
81027 Venus (S) 27cm (10.6″) H S
81028 Venus (L) 33cm (13″) H M
81029 Grass Bundles 42cm (16.5″) H | 19cm (7.5″) W S/M
81080 Hula Skirt 46cm (18″) L S/M
81081 Catch of the Day 40cm (15.8″) H S/M
81082 Rollie Pollie 30cm (11.8″) H | 16cm (6.3″) W M

Choosing the Right Preening Toy for Your Parrot

Preening toys should be offered in a variety of sizes, textures and colours. Be sure to desensitize your bird to new items that will be placed in his living quarters. Rotating a vast selection of toys from time to time can keep his interest peeked. Birds have an incredible memory and will easily recognize a favourite toy even weeks later.

  • Braided streamers will provide longer lasting enjoyment and stimulate the dexterity and ingenuity to preen these.
  • Hanging tassels are a great way to ruffle some feathers and stimulate preening.
  • A swing perch with a woven head of natural sisal or abaca rope is an excellent toy to provide both a comfortable perching area, stimulate exercise and preening activity.
  • Preening devices that are small enough to be held by your parrot’s foot such as small balls with bristles or a toothbrush make great additions to a preening toy collection. They not only encourage preening but also dexterity and balance.

Safety First

Preening toys should not be placed close to water bowls or areas where misting and bathing will take place. Materials on some toys may get wet or mouldy and the bird could preen mould onto his feathers. Cotton rope perches can offer stability if offered near a favourite preening device, but once they have become frayed should be removed from the cage or play area. Small threads are hard to see if they become wrapped around little feet, which can cause discomfort and sometimes constriction. Removing any items that have frayed and may become a possible suspension hazard is crucial.

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