Bird Cage for Very Small Birds, Model S01, Small Wire, Single Height


Bird Cage for Very Small Birds, Model S01, Small Wire, Single Height

Item #: 83200 | UPC: 0-80605-83200-8

Vision bird homes have many revolutionary design features that set it apart from traditional bird cages. Vision’s unique no-drawer design simplifies cage cleaning and the deep base can accommodate different types of litter. The molded ridges in the base provide additional air circulation to help prevent mildew. The innovative cage design also provides non-invasive, exterior access to seed/water cups, reducing stress to birds during maintenance. The multi-grip perches promote circulation and help to keep feet healthy and prevent foot problems like bumblefoot. The cages are easy to assemble with a quick, click-snap assembly.

  • Features
    • “No drawer” Cage Design – simplifies cage cleaning; cage detaches from base for fast, easy maintenance
    • Exterior seed/water cup access – allows non-invasive access, reducing stress on birds during maintenance
    • Double-pivoting front doors – pivot inwards at 90o angle, forms a convenient landing platform
    • Multi-grip perches – promotes circulation and helps prevent foot problems (bumblefoot)
    • Carrying handles – easy for transport
  • Specs
    Dimensions47.5 x 37 x 51 cm / 18.7″ x 14.6″ x 20″
    Horizontal Wire1.6 mm / 0.06″
    Vertical Wire2.6 mm / 0.10″
    Wire Spacing (Center to Center)12.3 mm / 0.48″
  • Recommended Bird Species
    Budgerigars, Canaries, FinchesVision bird cages are available in a variety of sizes, as well as in small or large wire cage sizes. They are recommended for bird species (as listed) due to their natural behaviors and not by size of bird.
  • Recommended Bird Size
    Very Small
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