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Misting, Preening & Exercise Techniques

In this video we explore the value of providing regular misting or bathing opportunities for your bird’s well being The following topics are discussed:

Misting activity: a natural behavior that must be encouraged
Misting can provide enrichment in a bird’s daily routine
Participation and engagement in this activity can be used to assess health
Misting and preening helps contribute to healthy plumage feathers

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Misting Techniques For Your Companion Parrot

This video provides the steps for teaching your bird to enjoy bathing and misting Topics discussed are as follows:

Creating a stress free environment, water temperature, basking opportunity
Enriching the activity with mentoring and music
How to gain your birds interest in misting
Importance of basking opportunity after misting
Size of mister and amount of water related to the species
Importance of water quality and

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Nail Grooming for your Companion Parrot

This video is an overview of the considerations and techniques for safe and ethical nail grooming

Desensitizing to nail grooming and tools
Life-stages and dexterity
Degree and frequency of nail grooming
Natural grooming opportunities in your bird’s environment
Advantages of consulting an avian health specialist
Nail Grooming tools and accessories
Towel restraint techniques using the rotary tool
Towel restraint technique using the nail cutter
Post grooming considerations

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Parrot Care FAQs

Over the years we have received many wonderful frequently asked questions about bird nutrition and lifestyle Find the answers to your parrot care related questions and concerns on the following pages

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Nail Grooming Using a Rotary Tool

The use of the rotary tool for nail grooming has been in vogue for some time now
Nowadays a technique that is  becoming more favored by most avian specialists (that offer grooming), aviculturists and a growing number of avian companion guardians for the medium to larger bird species is the use of a rotary tool for nail grooming  And the reasons

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First Aid: Pododermatitis What’s Normal?

Grooming And Health Assessment: How often do we really look at our bird’s physical appearance?
And what are we looking for?
What if you are unsure about something you’ve noticed on your bird? Do you call the veterinarian? You do if it’s critical!  These are questions that are easier to address with an understanding of what is normal and what is abnormal

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