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It’s All About a Quaker Parrot

An Education Process to Quality Companionship!
Who can resist the robust, “big parrot-trapped in a small body” personality of a Quaker? Also known as monk parakeets, Quaker Parrots are one of the most popular parrot species for companion lifestyle
While the HARI flock includes many parrot species, the collection includes this ever popular companion species, the Quaker parrot HARI Staff  explains

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Is your Parrot in Hormonal Overdrive?

So often we accept our bird’s spring like moods as part of sharing a life with a parrot And, in most cases, accept that our feathered companion can be aggressive with their cage, or even with certain members of the household The following series of articles, by HARI Manager and Parrot Life Magazine editor, Josee Bermingham, offers explanation and causes

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