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179 Green winged Macaw - Steve Brookes

Wild Parrots Up Close With Steve Brookes

February 4, 2016 Blog, Conservation

Wildlife Parrot Tours in Aide of Parrot Conservation

Have you ever considered going on a wildlife parrot tour where you can spend your days visiting wild parrot feeding and nesting sites and observing them as they go about their daily routines? How about visiting conservation projects, which are directly involved with particular parrot species?

This is exactly what Steve Brookes does with his “Wild Parrots Up Close” tours. The golden parachute in taking part in one of these adventures and visiting these parrot conservation projects is the financial contribution towards the projects means anyone joining in the trip help to conserve the Parrots, other wildlife and habitats directly.

Recently one of these tours took place in the Pantanal in Brazil as part of the Parrot International Symposium post-symposiums trips! The Symposium creates a forum for parrot conservation, in situ field research, and companion parrots. Renowned experts and upcoming, dedicated, parrot researchers, as well as students, donors and supporters, and conservation organizations gather from around the globe to give presentations exclusively about parrots, parrot research, and parrot conservation.

Hagen/HARI was one of the sponsors for the International Parrot Symposium held in Brazil this past November.

These images were taken by Steve Brookes on his wildlife parrot tour.

Throughout the trip, visitors were delighted to see in excess of 150 bird species which included 17 species of Parrots including many Macaw species!


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