• 6 Healthy Reasons for Tropican Alternative Formula

    Support for adult and senior birds that might have: Challenges due to age, Sensitive digestive systems, Less active lifestyles, Long term poor health, Protein sensitivities ......

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  • Foraging Enrichment: Using Prime Supplement Efficiently

    Fun and Creative Strategies The Hagen customer service department has been experiencing an increase of questions from avian caretakers on the use of  one of...

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  • Weaning for Success: Towel Training Quakers

    What gives avian caretakers more enjoyment than watching a young fledgling learn about their environment! At HARI, the avian nursery at this stage is more...

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  • Weaning for Success: Quaker Parrot Nutrition

    Welcome back to the HARI series “Weaning for Success” in which we feature the much loved companion species, the Quaker Parakeet. In this segment of...

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  • Diet Conversions for Your Parrot

    Tried and True Tips Ensure that your pet bird is in good health. Changing a bird’s diet can be stressful, even if changing the diet...

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