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What Makes a Healthy and Happy Bird?

Healthy Food

Meeting the dietary requirements of your pet bird doesn’t have to be difficult. To stay healthy pet birds need a balanced diet that has a high nutritional value with essential nutrients to meet their energy needs and to maintain vital body functions.

Dietary Supplements

Supplements can bridge the gap so that birds maintain the proper balance of nutrients from a healthy diet and vitamin and mineral supplementation.

Tasty Treats

Who doesn’t love a treat? One of the most effective ways to teach a bird new behaviors or tricks and skills is by using a reinforcer such as an irresistible food treat to motivate them.

Comfy Cages

More than just a basic essential. Your bird’s cage should be his refuge, a place of comfort, security, play, and discovery

Enrichment Toys

Parrot Toys are not just for fun! It is important to offer safe, quality toys to pet birds as an outlet to encourage natural bird behaviours.

Perfect Perches

Bird perches are essential for companion birds and they serve multiple purposes, including providing a place to stand, play games, groom, and sleep comfortably at night.

Pioneers in Parrot Care and Breeding Research

We are proud to be recognized as leading experts in the fields of nutrition, parrot care, and breeding research. Our innovative work, including groundbreaking discoveries on formulated diets and exclusive feeding studies, has contributed to our success.

Parrot Conservation Initiatives

We take pride in setting the standard for parrot care in captivity and supporting conservation projects in the wild. That’s why we work closely with top conservation programs to help protect parrot species and their natural habitats for for generations to come.

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