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The Birds and The Bees

A magnificent blue color, the Lear’s Macaw lives in only a very small area of the Northeastern State of Bahia, Brazil.

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  • Hyacinth Macaw Protected Under the Endangered Species Act

    Because of a shortage in nesting sites from deforestation and illegal poaching for the pet trade across Central and South America, hyacinth macaws are at risk – only a small population of 6,500 hyacinth macaws remain in the wild. Since 1990 the wild population has shown signs of a recovery and may be stabilizing probably…

  • Parrot Life

    Have you ever noticed the sub title of Parrot Life Magazine? While the official magazine of HARI remains popular with the companion bird “spoke” of the avian community, we wanted to expand a little bit on the true meaning of the words : Companionship – Health – Behavior – Aviculture – Conservation.

  • The Macaw Mountain Project

    This story begins in the 1980’s when Lloyd Davidson adopted two scarlet macaws

  • Scarlet Macaws Soar Again in Native Honduras

    Festival or Festival de Aves at the Macaw Mountain Bird Reserve to celebrate their new-found appreciation of their native parrot.

  • 14 essential vitamins, 9 minerals plus 2 limiting amino acids – Lysine and Methionine – vital to growth and proper protein metabolism.
  • World Parrot Trust

    World Parrot Trust comes in as a beacon of hope for these animals, as many as 90 species of which are endangered.

  • Protecting Parrots and Elephants with the Ivory Nut

    This ivory nut is a substitute for ivory that can be carved and stained to stimulate mellow old ivory.

  • Teaching Animal Care to Future Technologists

    HARI is widely recognized around the world for its clinical work on avian nutrition and care, but there’s something about this respected place of study that may surprise you.

  • The Dominica Parrot Program

    The Dominica parrot program has become a template for real-time, ecosystem-level conservation efforts across the Lesser Antilles.

  • Optimum levels of protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients critical to the proper growth and development of parrot chicks through to fledgling.
  • Saving Birds with Shade Grown Coffee

    Fair Trade is a first step towards the recognition of their socially and environmentally sustainable practices.

  • Conservation: Caiques in the Wild

    The main threat to wild Caiques is local human activity.