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Foraging Strategies with Feeding Activities

Our birds need to forage as part of their daily activities, yet sometimes, we have to take steps in teaching our birds to forage successfully. Caretakers can use various pet products to create different levels of foraging activities that empower a bird with a sense of accomplishment!

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  • Avian Nutrition: Trends & Philosophies

    The caloric density of a diet is important because this is what determines how much food the bird will ultimately eat.

  • Foraging Training for Parrots

    It is better to provide nutritious and familiar flavor to satisfy his natural tendencies for foraging behavior.

  • Tropican For Companion Parrots

    Tropican is so nutritionally advanced that there is no need to give pet birds dietary supplements. It is the only formulated food line that most pet birds will ever need during their lifetime.

  • Tropican: Choosing The Right Formula

    We recommend these species only be offered small amounts of Tropican Lifetime.

  • Converting to extruded pellets is an excellent way to keep your birds healthy. It’s also easy. Follow our step-by-step guide and help your birds make the switch.
  • Choosing Tropican High Performance or Lifetime

    Flock members that are neither breeding or are flesged juvenile parrots are fed Tropican Lifetime to ensure proper nutrition as appropriate for their lifestage.

  • Optimal Nutritional Value In Every Tropican Morsel

    Because Tropican diets are high in caloric density, optimal nutrition is achieved with very little volume of food.

  • Prime Vitamin As A Supplement

    Prime Vitamins & Mineral Supplement is a full-spectrum vitamin, mineral, amino acid supplement for birds. It is the only bird food supplement specifically formulated for seed, vegetable and fruit-based diets. Prime provides 14 vitamins and 9 minerals, which are often lacking in most bird diets, and excels above all other supplements in providing all companion…

  • Parrots And Water

    A much bigger problem in terms of contamination has nothing to do with the source but everything to do with the water’s fate once it leaves the tap.

  • Weigh your parrot on a weekly basis to keep track of their weight and monitor their health. This can help you detect any changes early on and take necessary action.
  • When is Prime Multivitamin Needed?

    Dosage of Prime Vitamin & Mineral Supplement is based on the size of your bird and what percentage of extruded formulated diet, such as Tropican, your bird is consuming.

  • Converting Diet to Pellet Food For Birds

    Mother Nature has had millennia of experience in diet formulation, and the birds in their various natural habitats have evolved to fit the diets available to them in the wild. In the wild seasons change, availability changes, and one generation teaches the next what to eat. In captivity our birds are entirely dependent on what…