Optimal Nutritional Value In Every Tropican Morsel

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Quantity Versus Quality in Food for Your Parrot

A parrot can only consume so much food in the course of his day. Because Tropican diets are high in caloric density, optimal nutrition is achieved with very little volume of food. Many diets on the market instruct caretakers to feed 20% of the bird’s weight to benefit from the nutrients in that product. For some of our companions that weigh around 600g, 20% of their body weight, or rather 120g, shockingly equals more than a full measuring cup of food. Parrots can eat a lot, but rarely will a parrot eat that much volume in the course of his day. Tropican offers optimal nutrition with a very concentrated amount of food, quality nutrition is achieved with much less volume.

Calculating How much Food Your Parrot Really Needs

Ensuring Food Safety

Our top priority is providing safe and high-quality bird food that your feathered friends can enjoy. That’s why every batch of HARI products goes through a rigorous three-step quality control process before it is distributed.