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First Aid: Pododermatitis What’s Normal?

So, let’s take a look at a pododermatitis!

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  • Flight Harness Training Your Parrot

    Flying is one of the most difficult and meaningful tasks a parrot can acquire in its life.  You can help your companion bird further develop these skills with the use of an avian flight harness. But first you must desensitize your parrot to the harness in order to ensure flight become a safe and stress free activity.

  • Foraging Training for Parrots

    It is better to provide nutritious and familiar flavor to satisfy his natural tendencies for foraging behavior.

  • Misting & Preening Education

    Regular preening keeps the feathers clean and well groomed. Without misting your parrot regularly, flight feathers may quickly become compromised.

  • Desensitization to the Physical Exam

    Whether chicks are parent reared or cared for in a nursery by a caretaker, desensitization to the physical exam can be carefully implemented throughout the physical health assessment inspection of the chicks. As the chicks mature through the fledgling age, further desensitization will ensure the birds are more accustomed to the handling techniques utilized to…

  • Bentonite clay has extremely strong adsorptive and absorptive properties making it ideal for total body detoxification against toxins, bacteria and other impurities.
  • Avian First Aid: Removing a Broken Blood Feather

    The most challenging aspect of dealing with such an emergency is using safe and proper towel restraint technique.

  • Avian First Aid: Blood Everywhere! Now What?

    The thing to remember is to act quickly and calmly. First things first;

  • Avian First Aid: Mastering the Art of Towel Restraint

    Mastering the art of safe and non invasive restraint techniques for your companion bird is essential for proper grooming and emergency first aid procedures.

  • Avian First Aid: Contents of a HARI Approved Kit

    Avian caretakers should always be ready in the event of emergency. When is a good time to learn about first aid for your avian companion

  • Optimum levels of protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients critical to the proper growth and development of parrot chicks through to fledgling.
  • Show us your Choanal Papillae!

    Join Our Avian Social Communities! What is Choanal Papillae? When your avian veterinarian examines your bird, one of the first […]

  • Avian First Aid: Natural Remedies for Parrots

    Its secrets have yet to be revealed in the avian medical community as well.