Feeding & Nutrition

Healthy nutrition is essential for the well-being and successful breeding of birds. Breeders should ensure that birds are well-nourished with a diet plan tailored to the breeding process, including a high protein diet or specific vitamins and minerals to promote egg production, bone growth, and vibrant feathers.

Breeding & Nursery Care

Managing an avian nursery involves time, commitment, knowledge, and expertise in avian care. This can include egg monitoring, assisted hatching, feeding methods, weaning strategies, socialization, and monitoring for growth, development, or any health concerns.

Health Monitoring

Essential to the daily routine is ensuring that your bird's physical and mental health, diet and environment are monitored regularly. Their environment's temperature and humidity levels must be appropriate for their species. And schedule routine vet check-ups to detect any potential health issues early.


An avian breeder facility involves several important factors, such as proper ventilation, temperature control, lighting, and sanitation. The facility should use as many resources available as possible to prevent and monitor disease and ensure optimal breeding conditions. Accreditation helps to provide aviculturists with a viable endorsement of their facility.

Early Parrot Education

The EPE & Weaning program is designed to coincide with a young parrot's most critical period of physical and mental development. Each stage requires particular lessons that concentrate on developing nurturing, socialization, desensitization, and play skills. As the fledgling progresses, each mastered lesson provides a foundation for even more challenging material.

Early Parrot Education

Once Early Parrot Education (EPE) is completed at the breeding facility, it doesn’t mean the parrots education ends there… We strongly encourage all EPE educated fledglings continue their program at home with their new caretakers.