EPE for the Breeder

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The EPE program utilizes “Tools” to implement the “Educational Focus” or lessons introduced at a timely moment.

The EPE program begins with acknowledgement of stages based on physical characteristics and not necessarily age. By identifying and breaking down the stage identification by physical characteristics, the EPE program can span across the many species of parrots raised as companions. The EPE program utilizes “Tools” to implement the “Educational Focus” or lessons introduced at a timely moment. Tools used in the Educational Focus include: Nurturing, Monitoring, Socialization, Desensitization, Modeling, Mentoring, and in later stages, Play. Each lesson, once mastered, becomes a building block toward a more advanced lesson as the fledgling matures.

Early Parrot Education & Weaning Program

  • Prepares the fledgling parrot for life as a companion.
  • Proven timely & methodically introduced lessons that applies to all pet parrots species.
  • Easy to follow program for all companion bird caretakers-breeders, pet retailers, adoption facilities & pet owners!
  • Adds credibility, validation to breeders & pet bird retailers!
  • Complete instructions and support material to accompany the parrot from pre-fledgling to its juvenile age.

Introduction to the program

Avian caretakers, be it the breeder, pet retailer and even the new pet owner, maintain a record of each parrot chick’s achievement or advancement with Chick Growth ChartChick Weaning Chart, and most importantly, the Chicks Primary Lessons. As these documents become part of the parrot’s permanent records, caretakers can maintain the education that benefits the bird’s lifestyle as a companion pet.

To learn more about the 6 stages of the Early Parrot Education program and the techniques to use, we encourage you to review the program links below.

Avian Professionals Portal

Gain access to our exclusive resource center dedicated to the Early Parrot Education Program, furthering your knowledge and expertise in parrot care and breeding. Here, you’ll find an extensive collection of valuable tools, including informative charts, engaging videos, insightful presentations, and much more.