News and Happenings From The Bird World

  • Investigating Touchscreen Ergonomics to Improve Tablet-Based Enrichment for Parrots

    Northeastern University Library – Kleinberger, Rebecca

  • Parrot Conservation Corps: Interviewing Daiana Lera

    One Earth Conservation – Sylvia Margarita de la Parra Martínez

  • What parrots can teach us about human intelligence

    The birds’ brains and behavior could give clues to the evolution of intelligence

  • First Among Firsts: Parrot Rangers of Guyana

    One Earth Conservation – Dr. LoraKim Joyner

  • Sun Parakeet Conservation Across the Borders of Brazil and Guyana

    One Earth Conservation – Dr. LoraKim Joyner

  • Parrots can move along thin branches using ‘beakiation’

    Parrots can travel along thin branches using “beakiation” — a side-swinging motion that involves their beaks and feet.

  • The influence of drinking water acidification in broilers under tropical conditions

    The use of acidifiers in drinking water is a relatively recent development in poultry production. In tropical production systems, this may play a vital role in providing hygienic drinking water and reducing pathogen load, thus having enormous potential as an integral component of a successful biosecurity programme.

  • American Bird Conservancy – Gray-breasted Parakeets, Once Nearly Extinct, Fly Free at Reintroduction Site

    Conservationists are helping the Endangered parakeet stage a remarkable comeback in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest and hope the birds will bolster the health of this fragmented forest region.

  • Claws and effect: Birds talented with their talons share common ancient ancestor

    Relying on thousands of images shared by birders on the internet, researchers investigated how some birds became more talented with their talons — and how the world’s first birds gave rise to the diversity of bird species we know today.