Tropican: Choosing The Right Formula

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Not sure whether to feed Tropican Lifetime or High Performance to your bird?

Avian caretakers should evaluate their bird’s lifestyle as well as lifestage, before deciding which formula is appropriate for their bird. Other factors that play a part in deciding which formula to feed include: the percentage of Tropican consumed, the bird’s caloric requirements based on his lifestyle, weight management, species predisposition, his activity level, reproductive activity, moulting period as well as housing and environmental condition.

Life stages and the Percentage of Tropican Granules Consumed

For most adult parrot species, we recommend our maintenance formula, Tropican Lifetime. However, some birds, due to a highly active lifestyle or environment, benefit from the extra nutrients and calories in Tropican High Performance diets. An example of a highly active bird would be one that flies regularly and has opportunity to burn off the additional calories in his diet. To avoid obesity, we highly recommend caretakers implement a weight management program to regularly keep track of their bird’s weight. By monitoring the bird’s weight, the caretaker will know if the bird is consuming the right formula of Tropican. We also recommend that caretakers be familiar with general health assessment skills to assess their bird’s condition. Some species of parrots, such as cockatiels and rose breasted cockatoos, have unique species predispositions and are prone to morbid weight gain or they develop health challenges from diets too rich in proteins. We recommend these species only be offered small amounts of Tropican Lifetime.

Reproductive Activity, Molting, and Environmental Conditions

Birds that struggle with moulting or are housed in cooler climates also do well with Tropican High Performance. We also recommend Tropican High Performance be offered to birds undergoing a diet conversion from a seed based diet to formulated diet. Since Tropican High Performance is richer in flavors and has additional nutrients, diet conversion is easier and the boost in overall nutritional profile will help the bird recover from the negative effects of an inferior diet. Lifestage evaluations include birds that are breeding or fledglings that are still developing physically and mentally as these birds require higher levels of proteins, calories found in High Performance.

Get Creative with Tropimix

Looking for new and exciting ways to include Tropimix in your bird’s diet? Look no further! Our recipe collection features Tropimix as a base for delicious and nutritious snacks that your feathered companions will love.