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  • The ARA Project and HARI Working Together for Macaw Conservation

    Early last month the HARI team had the pleasure of extending an invitation to Duaro Mayorga Hernández, Manzanilla site manager of the Ara Project / Proyecto Ara to take part in an educational stage under HARI’s Conservation Networking program at our research facility....

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  • When do we stop learning about our birds?

    While the internet provides easy access to companion bird care topics for the avian community quite easily, nothing replaces a “hands-on” workshop for new or vested avian caretakers alike - especially with live birds....

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  • Basic Bird Nutrition: Parrot Food – What to Feed Pet Birds?

    How much extruded parrot food should you feed your pet bird daily? While the HARI Flock eats 100% Tropican extruded parrot food daily, when considering...

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  • Auction to Benefit Parrots Starting Soon!

    World Parrot Trust Auctioning the Artwork of Chris Maynard of Featherfolio How would you like to own an original masterpiece and support parrot conservation at the same time? On September 23, 2017 you'll have a chance to bid on one of many unique feather sculptures and artist-signed prints....

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  • Avian Education Seminar Presented by HARI & Parrot Place Network

    Back by popular demand and with the spirit of sharing avian educational topics, the Hagen Group and HARI, with the Parrot Place Network, are pleased to announce an exciting HARI One Day Avian Education Seminar for all avian enthusiast, veterinarian technicians, retailers, and aviculturists...

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  • Dr. Anne McDonald of Night Owl Bird Hospital Receives Award for Avian Care

    Dr. Anne McDonald, owner of the Night Owl Bird Hospital, recently received the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association's Humane Award. To recognize her work and efforts in avian care, Mark Hagen is giving Dr. McDonald a reprint of Dr Anton Reichenow’s book...

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