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Behavior & Training

Parrot behavior can often be complex and mis-understood. More often than not, the answer to correcting a behavioral problem is to have your parrot learn to trust you. Granted you need to first determine if your bird’s behavior issues are different than normal since parrots are amazing at masking illness. You can help ease boredom behavior by providing a safe, enriching environment and  as many foraging opportunities as possible. Training your companion will keep him entertained and active and out of trouble.

  • Clicker Training Your Parrot to Modify Behavior

    Many inexperienced bird owners, tend to blame to a pet parrot for behaviors such as screaming, biting, messiness, or destructive chewing within the house... Read More
  • Preparing Your Parrot for Your New Baby

    Bringing Home Baby, Not Bye-Bye Birdie. In rare circumstances it may be necessary to re-home your bird when a child enters the picture, but why give up before trying... Read More
  • Parrot Love: Reading Bird Body Language

    Just as bird body language can indicate something wrong, it can also demonstrate that it is absolutely right. Owners can look for behaviors indicating health and comfort.... Read More
  • Training Your Budgie: How To Tame a Parakeet

    Many people incorrectly think that only male budgies can learn to speak, females can talk too. The closer the bond with you, the more motivated your bird will be to want to learn... Read More
  • Parrots & Birds: Positive Reinforcement Training

    Dominance and respect are an on-going controversy in the animal and avian worlds. How far should we go to turn our pet bird into the perfect companion... Read More
  • Nature or Nurture: How Parrots & Birds Learn

    A Bird is a Bird is a Bird... Or Is It? Too often bird owners who believe that their own particular way of raising the bird will make it into something it is not... Read More

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