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Bird Health Booklets & Species Profiles

Our avian companions depend on us for every aspect of their care and well-being. Along with general avian knowledge, it is very important to learn species specific information about your bird.

Keeping track of bird health by recording their growth, development, behavior and environment in a booklet can help ensure that your companion parrot will be healthy and happy for many years to come. These species-specific record booklets are a guide for caretakers to record their parrots growth, check their parrots development, record parrots vaccinations, take to avian health appointments, and use to help discuss any concerns with an avian health professional. Each bird record & health booklet contains trusted guidance on development, environment, sleep, socialization, behaviour, and training. With additional links to developmental milestone checklists and growth charts.

If you have any concerns about your parrots health or development don’t hesitate to talk with you avian healthcare provider. Your parrot will benefit from having any problems identified early.

  • Cockatiel Health and Record Keeper

    Cockatiels make a sweet, calm and gentle companion pet. They have tremendously friendly characters and an impressive whistling ability. Here are a few basic recommendations we’ve compiled to guide you in becoming the best caregiver possible for your small parrot. Read More
  • Pacific Parrotlet Health and Record Keeper

    The parrotlet being the tinniest of parrots in the world, they have a strong charismatic personality and a powerful beak for their size! Here are a few basic recommendations we’ve compiled to guide you in becoming the best caregiver possible for your Pacific Parrotlet. Read More
  • Species Profile Cockatiels

    The cockatiel is a member of the cockatoo family. They are prized as household pets and companion parrots throughout the world and are relatively easy to breed... Read More
  • Species Profile Lovebirds

    Lovebirds are small, stocky parrots with very short rounded tails. Their beak is very strong despite its size since it is sturdily built more in width than in length... Read More
  • Species Profile White-bellied Caiques

    Caiques, Black-headed or White-bellied, are exceptional parrots. Their curious, comical nature is captivating, sociable yet extraverted and definitely independent... Read More
  • Species Profile Alexandrine Parakeet

    The Alexandrine parakeet or Alexandrian parrot (Psittacula eupatria) is an average size parrot with a very long thin tail that gives this bird a very elegant and classical appearance... Read More

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