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First Aid: Pododermatitis What’s Normal?

So, let’s take a look at a pododermatitis!

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  • Parrots And Water

    A much bigger problem in terms of contamination has nothing to do with the source but everything to do with the water’s fate once it leaves the tap.

  • Misting & Preening Education

    Regular preening keeps the feathers clean and well groomed. Without misting your parrot regularly, flight feathers may quickly become compromised.

  • Desensitization to the Physical Exam

    Whether chicks are parent reared or cared for in a nursery by a caretaker, desensitization to the physical exam can be carefully implemented throughout the physical health assessment inspection of the chicks. As the chicks mature through the fledgling age, further desensitization will ensure the birds are more accustomed to the handling techniques utilized to…

  • Weighing Your Parrot

    Caretakers that want to be actively participating in the health monitoring of their cherished feathered companion can do so by weighing their parrot regularly.

  • Preparation is the first step to providing necessary care in the event of heavy metal poisoning, medication overdose, or toxin ingestion.
  • Waterproofing Sprays and Oils Are Toxic to Birds

    We also have to live with the dreaded calcium in the streets, sidewalks and on our balconies and steps. Which means we need to protect our shoes and boots against its ravages.

  • Symptoms & Treatment of Bumblefoot in Parrots

    Long recognized as a serious disease in raptors, bumblefoot, otherwise known as pododermatitis, also occurs frequently in psittacines. It is common in heavy-bodied birds such as Amazons and Hyacinth macaws, but is also seen in budgerigars and cockatiels.

  • Hidden Bacteria & Mould in Your Bird’s Home

    As our parrot population ages, keep in mind that they will become more susceptible to infection from bacteria and mould found in their environment.

  • Caring for Your Aging Pet Bird

    An aging bird might need to have special modifications made to its enclosure to facilitate and stimulate activity & movement.

  • Although pododermatitis is a serious condition, prompt intervention and thorough treatment can often resolve the condition.
  • Bathing & Showering an Essential in Basic Bird Care

    Over the years I’ve learned many tricks and tips for providing basic bird care to our feathered friends.

  • New Concept: Managed Flight, Not Wing Clipping

    “Managed flight”, not necessarily full powered flight, can be almost as useful to most pet birds. This means that the wing primaries are clipped, but not as short as in traditional wing clips.