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Tropican High Performance or Lifetime

Choosing Tropican High Performance or Lifetime

When does HARI feed Tropican High Performance or Lifetime to the HARI Flock?

The HARI Flock members eat 100% Tropican and have for more than 20 years. While the HARI Flock members play an important role in our nutritional longevity studies and in our test trial feeding, not all birds at HARI eat the same formulations of Tropican. Depending on their lifestage, we use both High Performance and Lifetime formulation. We use High Performance with our breeding flock and especially in our nursery. Our HARI Fledglings are fed our Tropican High Performance diets during all stages of the weaning process. Flock members that are neither breeding or are flesged juvenile parrots are fed Tropican Lifetime to ensure proper nutrition as appropriate for their lifestage.

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