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Housing & Environment

In general, parrots are very sociable and require a lot of attention and interaction. It is important to ensure that their cage and surrounding environment is more than adequate for their housing needs. Lighting, room design considerations, safety and hygiene are all topics to consider when planning for your parrots lifestyle.

  • Versatile Housing for Your Avian Companion

    It is important to consider which cage is the most suitable for the species of parrot you will be acquiring. Your parrot will require numerous living quarters within your home... Read More
  • Choosing The Right Cage Size For Your Parrot

    Providing the proper environment for your bird is vital in maintaining both physical and mental health. Your bird’s cage should be his refuge and a place of comfort... Read More
  • Benefits of UVB Lighting for Companion Birds

    Help relieve psychological distress and an ideal temperature for your bird with compact fluorescent lighting. It will also bring out vibrant colours in their feathers... Read More
  • Hazardous Products for Birds In The Home

    Detergents and household products commonly used in the home can be hazardous for birds, even if they are safely in their cage while these are being used... Read More
  • Bird Room Design Considerations

    Whether or not you are planning to create an entire room for one or several companion birds, fully flighted or feather groomed, safety should be the first concern... Read More
  • Choosing The Right Bird Travel Carrier

    Will you be prepared if you have to move your bird in a hurry? What if there is an in-home emergency? Even a simple trip to the vet can be stressful for your bird... Read More

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