Insects and Mealworms For Companion Birds

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Yes, Some Birds Do Enjoy a Bug or Two

At HARI we offer our passerines a few bugs and they love it! Insects and mealworms can be a highly relished and nutritious treat for many finch species, and even a few parrot species. Enriching the diet with worms, grubs and insects also make a great vehicle in offering Prime Vitamin and Mineral Supplement. If you’re concerned about a live worm crawling out of the dish, no worries! We have a solution for that-watch the video to find out how!

Why does your bird need PRIME?

If you’re feeding your bird a mixed diet of seeds, nuts, vegetables and fruits or a limited amount of pellets or if you have a chronic egg layer then your bird needs PRIME. PRIME adds 14 essential vitamins and 9 minerals missing in commercially prepared seed mixtures for companion birds.