Parrot Watching in Brazil

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Would you like to join Steve Brookes on a very special trip to Brazil? The highlights of this trip will definitely be the Macaws, with 7 species to be seen in this area, including the very special Hyacinth Macaws! The Green-winged Macaws are also a great pleasure to see and what better way to do that than watching them fly below us in the ‘Macaw Hole’ known locally as ‘Buraco das Araras’, a large hole in the ground where you can walk around the edge and the Macaws nest, roost, feed and fly within the actual crater. You will also have been the opportunity of joining the Hyacinth Macaw Project Team for one morning to watch as they check out artificial and natural nest sites for these Macaws. They will be taking the youngsters out of the nests and bringing them down to the ground to do some monitoring, weighing, ringing and just generally checking the condition of these magnificent Macaws.

Throughout this trip you are likely to see, in excess of, 150 bird species which should include up to 20 species of Parrots including 7 Macaw species with many opportunities to photo, video or just observe them in their Natural Habitats.

If you are interested in learning more visit Download the full itinerary of the November 2019 trip to Pantanal and Bonito Brazil.

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